Academic centre of excellence

Activity based learning for classes 1 - 10 focused on building a strong concept base and practice.

At Creatozilla, we nurture ambition. ​We encourage parents to look beyond boundaries and to remain abreast with the latest training in education and technological developments in the world. We encourage parents to enable their children to dream.


Our Integrated Curriculum for School Students is a program which integrates STEM LABS, Communications Skills, Grammar with the Regular School Tuitions for CBSE and ICSE curriculum. We implement  this vision by giving tuition for ICSE CBSE syllabus using the tools to learn and enhance knowledge in a time-efficient and effective manner.


Apart From Academics Our Students Have Achieved​ The Following Accolades:

French Olympiad  - Cleared First Level - Appearing For The Second Level in February

English Olympiad - Class Rank 1

Spell Quest - Scored >90% in State Level Competition

IGKO - Class Rank 1

Our coaching system involves thorough study of basic concepts and slow and steady preparation for performance in ICSE / CBSE exams. We encourage an overall development  with regular participation in debates, vocabulary, creative writing in English and Hindi, puzzles, verbal and mathematical reasoning, Science quiz. Our parallel focus on Design Thinking for students is a very invigorating experience which motivates students and they hardly want to miss our tuitions for even a single day.

We believe in the positive power of motivation and use it to conduct all tuition activities at our model centre in Panchkula. All this helps students to develop a confidence to compete at International levels and makes the process to apply abroad at a later stage really simple for them.


We help parents from all walks of life identify their child’s strongest talents and desires - be it dance, art, photography, or science, mathematics, and coding. We partner with parents and empower them to help  their children be successful in their chosen fields by giving them the most powerful set of resources.


We alleviate the fear of unknown by introducing you to pioneers in diverse fields who will mentor your child through unchartered territories.

We emphasize on English communication, Grammar and Creative writing for all our students.

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Academic Centre of Excellence

SCO 37, Sector 7, Panchkula, Second Floor

Tel : ​ +91 7719497187