There are 472 million children in India below the age of 18 years in India. We aim to leverage the Internet to connect to rural and urban India together. Children learn best when they teach. We urge the teen leaders from all over India to contribute their science experiments, discussions of concepts, video lectures to teach other children and contribute to this aim. Our team of teachers will edit these as required and upload with their name and details.


Contact us at www.ygenlearners.com and help to build the peer to peer learning network of India.

Our Teen Leaders Program engages teens in activities that teach them leadership principles and personal development. This program aims to plan events to provide students the exposure to varied careers and create youth - adult partnerships. We look forward to meet leaders who can be groomed by our team for meritorious careers and thus make India proud. We would be glad to hear your dreams and mentor you through. Training young minds on entrepreneurial skills, social contributions we believe shall help them discover a sense of self and respect for others. 

The Teen Leaders Program shall create opportunities to showcase talents, skills and youth voice. To Join The TLP and participate write to us at creatozilla@gmail.com .

Stories Recorded By Young Students For Circulation To Visually Impaired Students

Story 1 - Dhriti & Gautam
00:00 / 00:00
Story 2 - Yuvraj
00:00 / 00:00
Story 3 - Gautam
00:00 / 00:00
Story 4 - Dhriti
00:00 / 00:00
Story 5 - Yuvraj
00:00 / 00:00
Story 6 - Sharanya
00:00 / 00:00
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