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Phew! Exams!

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

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As parents, we focus very hard on the all round development of a child, so that they don’t get confined to STUDIES and tutions. The focus however has to be on learning and assimilating this learning to develop the basic ability to comprehend, communicate or strategically use the resources available at hand. A sportsperson has to calculate things like speed of air vs speed of the ball to master his shot. A Musician has to fine tune his instrument with the use of concepts like surface tension.

A corporate has to plan customer reactions, evaluate and organise operations, and calculate savings and expenses almost every now and then. What is the age to sensitize kids to the real world. We believe the kids are extremely intelligent and equipped to handle the fact that education is all around us. Education only reduces the time we take to make sense of the world and for most of the cases we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If we look at things in an unbiased manner everything around us is education. Life is science, expression is language, trade is maths, cooking is science and maths, music and art is also scientific, society and sports also use science, so why do we separate education from our own selves.

This fact if transferred to the children in an experiential manner makes education interesting and they respect the wow factor that education has. It’s not a burden that we have to carry around and find ways to take a break from. It’s present everywhere and all extra curricular activities translate the same fundamentals. 

Why do children connect and perform when they study with us is because they can connect the dots themselves. This article is an urge to parents to experiment, observe, run the basics and use new techniques to innovate learning and keep it simple. Knowledge is the only thing that provides the human mind the ultimate satisfaction and it's not defined by any age. So let's make it fun for the kids so that they love what they do, motivation will automatically follow.

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