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Need For Promoting Cycling

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Cycling is an activity that relaxes our mind. One of the main perspective for promoting cycling is to save fuel and reduce energy consumption. Burning of fuel causes a lot of pollution which harms the environment .We need to conserve fuel for our future generations. The fuel is extracted from fossil fuels. This fuel is accessible in very limited amounts and we should use it wisely. To preserve fuel it is important for us to make certain make some changes in our daily routines. If we have to go to a short distance we should use our bicycles instead of taking our cars out. This would not only help in saving fuel but also will improve our health.

Riding to your work or nearby shops is an efficient way to merge regular exercise with the daily routine. Cycling also improves our physical status. It helps us to enhance our mental flair as well as balance. It makes us aware about the nature and the things that are happening in our society. Promoting cycling will assist one to ameliorate his health. Cycling needs to be promoted to ensure that physical activity is made a part of people's lifestyle.

All this makes it very important that cycling should be promoted. Despite being the most environment-friendly mode of transportation, cycles have gradually disappeared, as motorized transport has taken their place. Some important steps should be taken by the government as well as every individual to encourage not only India but the whole world to start cycling. We can upgrade cycling by carrying out bicycle education programs. The government should conduct cycling contests like cyclothons and road cycling tournaments. People should go for cycling instead of going to gyms daily. The government should make streets safer and build bicycle stations. People should diminish the use of automobiles and one should cover short distances through cycling. So let us take our cycles out and start living a healthy life.

Written By: Tanmay ( Grade 6 - Bhawan Vidyalaya,Chd) & Dhriti ( Grade 6 - Gurukul Global School) ( Students at Creatozilla)

Need For Promoting Cycling

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