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How To Write Essays

Essay and paragraph writing is a great way to express our thoughts. However in the wake of an examination, we usually fall short of ideas or structure to be able to give our best output. This is also due to the fact that reading and writing routines have marginally reduced from our lifestyle.

There are a few essential parts of writing which can be enumerated as below:


Vocabulary is an acquired skill which takes a long time to


When we talk about strengthening one’s vocabulary the

time span at hand decides the strategy.

If we have only a month or 45days it’s best to use the

vocabulary skills that we already have. A quick brush up

is a good idea.

The most common approach known for enhancing one’s

vocabulary is to learn 5 – 10 – 20 new words in a day.

However, that is not enough. Our memory will ingrain

certain words only if it can connect the words to usage.

In addition to memorising words and their meanings,

there is one more extremely important part –



Subject – Verb Agreement is the most important error

committed in writing exercises.

At the onset of the paragraph the writer must be clear on

the setting of the paragraph being past – present and


Active vs. Passive Voice? Which is a better choice? A

natural writer’s flow would be a mix of both but largely

Active Voice is more desirable.


STEP 1 – Understand the question

STEP 2 – Organize your ideas

STEP 3 – Implement on paper

STEP 4 – Check for grammar and spellings

STEP 5 - Submit

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