At Creatozilla we incorporate our research on learning techniques into our curriculum

Our mission is to ignite young minds to dream and develop a passion for learning. Our team provides the best resources available incorporating International research into the material we make available here. The content on this site has been prepared with an aim to provide technical knowledge of grammar and usable english from many of our online classes. We have tried to collate the information in terms of its usability, applicability and utility for various levels of learners.

At Creatozilla, we aim to create leaders in their stream of interest. Global opportunities beckon students, especially those who are focussed and aware of where their interests lay. This begins by providing the student and open environment to aspirants to understand the global competition. Next comes exposure to the same competition level with full preparation.

GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT are the exams which are mandatory for any one poised to get into global careers. The English language program that we offer equips the students  to qualify for the Cambridge English Language Assessment. This would raise the bar for the preparation of English for the applicants to qualify easily for TOEFL and IELTS a breeze.


How to use the resources

We have made available concept presentations for most of the critical concepts in english language for different levels of students. Once you have studied these we expect you to join our practice classes to revise the concepts. These are flashcard based learning classrooms, tests and assignments which are known to adapt to the way our brain works. These tests incorporate the fundamental principle of spaced learning to embed these principles to the long term memory. If you are just viewing presentations, it is only a part of your short term memory and get wiped out shortly after you have closed the screen. 

OUr TEaching Mechanism

We provide our notes and presentations free of cost to students. In case any teachers or students wish to share their notes here for the benefit of other students in their journey please write to us at 

Additionally, we are continuously researching practice tests and ways for students to enhance their knowledge and recall.

Though our focus is on test results and focussed preparation for tests we are also equally interested in long term retention of the core concepts. Our content will be contributing to the Educate All initiative in partnership with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) as per the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This will enable us to assist the mission to provide free access to courses to advance knowledge of sustainability, business skills, language skills, leadership and many more globally.

The team

Creatozilla has been founded by an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. We believe in adding Global exposure to students around us by introducing latest study methodologies available worldwide in both our focus sectors.

As edupreneurs we have a vision to create the change that we wish to see. We aim to  build a quality conscious environment of education service providers.

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